Nourishing Night Cream - Lavender ( 2 - 1.69 FZ)-BHA

Nourishing Night Cream - Lavender ( 2 - 1.69 FZ)

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Blum Naturals nourishing Night Cream contains a high concentration of active ingredients, providing a great solution for all skin types. The Night Cream is enriched with natural and Organic botanicals that will soothe, moisturize & relax your skin. The active ingredients smooth away signs of skin aging with a triple firming action; moisturizing, wrinkle-correction and rejuvenation. Lavender helps aid in relaxation & promote restful sleep, the Aloe Vera Extract, (also known as Aloe Barbadensis) is derived from the leaf. It is rich in vitamins & minerals. In addition, this product contains the richest vegetal oils Omega 3, 6 & 9, derived from Lipactive Incha Inchi Oil.

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