Capillary Support Serum ( 1 - 1 FZ)-BHA

Capillary Support Serum ( 1 - 1 FZ)

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If redness, broken capillaries and inflammation are all you're seeing lately, then this light, effective serum could be just the answer. The comforting serum helps discourage redness while encouraging New cells and capillary wall strength. The Phyto-therapeutic ingredients help calm and soothe irritation, facial flushing, and broken vessels while assisting in reducing the appearance of scarring, swelling, and redness. Featuring Evening Primrose Oil, a superb emollient high in essential fatty acids (GLA) and natural inflammation fighters, with an exclusive blend of natural glycolic acids, and other healing extracts. This combination creates a gentle yet powerful skin support which can really make a difference.

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