Baby Shampoo Wash ( 2 - 5.3 FZ)-BHA

Baby Shampoo Wash ( 2 - 5.3 FZ)

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Gentle, pure Organic castile Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash smells amazing, naturally, with Organic vanilla and sweet orange essential oil. Made with soothing Organic calendula, it's a safe and effective zero toxin baby shampoo, body wash, and hand soap for your entire family. Earth Mama's baby shampoos are body wash too, and contain no artificial fragrances, foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, parabens, or dyes. no antibacterial pesticides either. Just safe, detergent-Free all-natural and Organic castile shampoo-soap for foamy fun baby bath time, hand washing and head-to-toe family clean.

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