Honeybee Gardens - Powdercolors Stackable Mineral Color - Angelic ( 3 - 2 GRM)-BHA

Powdercolors Stackable Mineral Color - Angelic ( 3 - 2 GRM)

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All mineral make-up is not created equal. Sure, mineral make-up is fun, easy to use, and allows you create stunning looks ranging from natural to glamorous, but what makes PowderColors different? PowderColors is a blend of pure, uncoated mineral pigments and oxidized mica, Free from unnecessary fillers and preservatives. Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-produced metal that can get into pores and cause irritation. PowderColors is totally vegan, the portable pots make the make-up time easier. you get the best make up ingredients and the best pigment in this gorgeous Angelic color of Honeybee Gardens. PowderColors Stackable Mineral Color.